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iRacing explained by Leigh Diffey
Tony Stewart's experience with iRacing (Trying the new tire model at Texas, and then training for the F1 swap at the Glen. Look at the expression on his face. :) )
Slow It Down: A really cool slow-mo vid showing off the accurate suspension movements. You can see camber changes, etc.

250 Seconds: Slow-mo vid showcasing all of the cars included in the base package. The Stock Stock has since been added as the Advanced Oval Rookie car to go along with the Legends Rookie car.
Showcase of all the cars currently available in iRacing. The Steet Stock, Sprint car (not to be confused with "Sprint Cup"), and new "Nationwide" COT Class B Impala have since been added.
A look at the setup options available in the iRacing Garage for the C6.R Corvette
Racing with my triple monitors and head tracking
(Cockpit view is the only one available while driving, to keep things as realistic as possible.)
Racing in the LIVESTRONG Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Review from InsideSimRacing (three years old at this point, so it's rather outdated, but this is what lead me to iRacing and all the basics are there)
More vids at iRacing's YouTube page

Here are a few screenshots from Atlas, a telemetry display program from McLaren and used by F1 teams that is now included with iRacing. (Yellow text is my addition.)
Coilbinding vs. a traditional set
Problem set


You can race fine with a single monitor and a $100 wheel, so it doesn't cost much to get into it, but if you find you really like it, you can make it quite immersive by investing in a wide range of additional equipment.

This is the steering wheel I use (Driving Force GT). The pedals are kind of crap, but workable. It says it's for a PS3, but it works for the PC too, and the device drivers are included:

This one has better pedals (G27), but I don't care for the feel of the wheel as much (smoother, but the force feedback isn't as crisp or lively). Overall better set if you aren't getting separate pedals, though:

Both wheels do a full 900º lock to lock.

These are CST high-end pedals that are amazing. I've used a set before.

Todd also has $12 plans for building your own set with a wood base, which end up running you $150-$250, depending on what parts you can scrounge and have access to. That's what I ended up doing.

Fanatec has wheel and pedal sets available:

Aura Pro bass shaker:
I have four hooked up to this amp:
The amp drives them fine, but it does get rather hot. This amp may be a better choice for four: h

Signing Up

iRacing usually has different promotions going on, but this is a long-running one they have through Radical, and it's often the best deal.

1 month free + free Radical SR8 car + free Silverstone track (worth $60 total):
You need to wait for iRacing to e-mail you back. The promotion is for new members only, so if you sign up at the iRacing site first, the deal is no good.

Other deals are listed here:

iRacing gives credits for referals, so if you sign up, I'd appreciate the nod. My e-mail is iracing at this domain name (

Misc Reading

For the Love of Racing - Why iRacing is so important to me.
My Day at the Glen - I finally take my car down to Watkins Glen International Raceway (the real one) for a day on the track.

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